"Life is beautiful.
 All that is dark and ignominious will disappear.
 All that is beautiful will triumph."
   -Dmitry Shostakovich-

Photo of the artist Annael (Anelia Pavlova)

Annael in Calligraphy by Dancho Jelev

Welcome to my website! I am a Bulgarian-born Australian artist working in oil painting, printmaking, drawing, illustration and ceramics. I also write poetry and children's stories.

About my works

I create my paintings using classical music, weaving in the works of composers from the Renaissance and Baroque to the Postmodern periods to form a unique synthesis of idea, music and visual art.

My most recent project called Altar of the Resurrected Sun (under the Projects menu on the left) collects a number of my paintings together and is one of the best introductions to my art for everyone who has never seen it before. Information about the music associated with the individual works can be accessed separately by browsing and searching - see below. Regarding the musical connection in my paintings in general, I have written an explanation on the Music page.

Besides the Altar project and Music pages, the Paintings navigation page (under the Gallery menu on the left), as well as the artist statements spread around the site and synopses for individual works give additional information on my paintings and art in general. The page dedicated to the printmaking technique I have created provides insight into my unique monoprints, while the Biography page and CV provide a chronological overview of my artistic life and work as a whole.

My works have been successfully exhibited and sold throughout Australia and abroad. In the past I have worked with TVH Gallery (Sydney), Istral Gallery (Sydney), BMG Gallery (Adelaide), Greythorn Galleries (Melbourne) and Gallery O (Perth).

Searching the site

You can Search and browse my works associated with the music of various composers (top-left). This facility uses the Google search engine, which allows arbitrary searches as well (e.g. name of a particular work, year etc.).

About purchasing works and art-prints

With regards to purchasing something of my works, high quality Gicleé art-prints on archival paper are available through Atkins Technicolour - please see the Purchasing page on this site for more information.

Using my artworks as illustrations

If you would like to use any of my artworks for illustrations, promotional brochures, advertisement materials etc., please contact me to make arrangements. Examples of where my art has previously been used include music CD covers (e.g. Weinberg's 24 solo cello suites, DIVOX, to appear 2013), pamphlets for musical productions (e.g. State Opera SA for Puccini's "Madama Butterfly" - Season 2013 brochure), book illustrations and wine labels (Peter Lehman, Brangayne of Orange etc.)

*   The calligraphy of my pseudonym Annael was created for me by © Jordan Jelev - The Labelmaker.