The Truth is blue


Oil on Belgian linen, 137 x 112 cm

The music

Composer: Mieczyslaw Weinberg (Moishei Vainberg) (1919-1996)
Works: String quartets 7, 8, 9
Suggested performance: Dominant Qt. (recording label: Olympia)

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This is the painting "The Truth is Blue" from 2002. It was inspired by Robert Campin, an old Flemish master, and also uses the 7th, 8th and 9th string quartets of Mieczyslaw Weinberg. In fact, I used Weinberg's quartets only at the end, when painting Christ and the Angels. After much suffering, Weinberg, who was born a Polish Jew, converted to Orthodox Christianity in his last days, which I think is a profound symbol of the universal human love and reconciliation felt by this composer - feelings and ideas that are also present in his music and, resonating inwardly, in this painting. The subject of the painting is, of course, well known through the centuries; but here its treatment is different. No one suffered more than Christ, the Son of God, whose life was given for all humanity, for every person, regardless of religion, beliefs, race or whatever else, and Who is always with those who likewise suffer - invisibly leading everyone towards eternal life. Christ is already part of the blue sky, hence the colour of His Body here; He is transparent and almost invisible, disappearing from the human perception... And the Angels, they are like sharp knives, reflecting the pain and the sufferings of Christ.