Evening Morning (diptych)


Oil on Belgian linen, 122 x 153 (left panel) 122 x 122 (right panel) cm

The music

Composer: Dmitri Shostakovich (1906 - 1975)
Works: Cello Sonata, Piano Quintet
Suggested performance: Shostakovich, Rostropovich (recording label: Testament Records)

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Another diptych, which represents two fundamental states of the human Soul - activeness and passiveness. The night is always passive, the morning (day) - active. The two little transparent figures in the Evening panel are symbols of the internal dancing; the heart and mind feel and know when we have a little time only for ourselves to contemplate, to think, as well as to consider and to clarify all the deeds we have done during the day. For this activity we need light. That is why there, on the table, the big Candelabrum with the all-seeing Eye is present. He is our internal judge. The morning (day) panel also has its own symbols - including all the temptations we meet throughout the day. The little boy carries in his hand the apple from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, and indeed, during the day we are faced with making many decisions which are either good or bad; we have to have strength and goodness to carry through the good decisions and refrain from the bad.