Oil on Belgian linen, 122 x 137 cm

The music

Composer: initially C. Monteverdi, Madrigals Book 4. The work was completed on the music of Giovanni Legrenzi (circa 1626-1690)
Works: "Dies Irae" and motets
Suggested performance: Ricercar Consort with Philippe Pierlot (recording label: Ricercar )

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"Madrigal" is a painting which initially started being painted on the music of Monteverdi's madrigals, from which it took its name, but, later on, I actually changed the composer to Legrenzi. There is one very important thing in this painting - the Poem! There is a poem, written on the different pieces of paper in the hands of the personages and the viewer is encouraged to reconstruct the poem in its complete and true form. It is a puzzle upon which the painting is built, as I believe that one of the main tasks of Art is to make people think, not just simply enjoy. There are twelve persons in the painting - ten of them are visible and two - transparent. They represent the twelve sons of Israel (Jacob).