Altar of the Resurrected Sun

If one believes the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke, for whom "every Angel is terrifying", then one could imagine Angels as beautiful but distant, fearful beings who can easily crush man in their embrace. Yet, in all religious traditions, the good Angels are seen not only as powerful but also as benevolent, caring beings, who work invisibly into people's lives to help and uplift them. This collection of works contains my "Angels of the Testament" series, related to the Biblical Revelation of John – but also to the seven planetary spheres. In all their dimensions the works praise the beauty and goodness of the Angelic hierarchies, and, while they can be looked at as a whole, they each carry many interesting ideas in their own right. The "Angels of the Testament" series as well as other works on related themes appear in my Altar of the Resurrected Sun ... read more