Cuchulain (Setanta Wines Shiraz)


Unique colour intaglio (more), 23 x 21 cm

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Cuchulain is an Irish mythological hero. He was originally named Setanta, but was also given the name 'Cuchulain' (The Hound of Culann) by Cathbed the Driud, after, as a child, he killed Culann's fierce guard-dog in self-defense, and offered to take its place until a replacement could be found. This was the first of many courageous deeds which established him as Ireland's greatest and most favoured warrior. The print depicts the fight with the guard-dog.

I was comissioned to do this print by Sheilagh and Bernard from Setanta Wines. My goal was to present a heroic and fearful image of Setanta while preserving, at the same time, the beauty of the good deeds and the necessity of lightness in the images, so that people would wish to try the wines and not be scared away by a ferocious-looking Setanta!

The print is on the label for Shiraz. The image is Copyright Setanta Wines.