Sophia, Mother of Wisdom

Sophia is a great mystery. In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, Sophia can be seen as the Theotokos, Mother of God (understood transitively). But, according to the Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov, Sophia can be seen in a more universal light, as a unifying, feminine Wisdom.

Many of the paintings in this collection are related to the idea of Sophia – some directly, and others indirectly. Of the former, there is "Virgin Sophia of the Night", created using music of the Russian-born micro-tonal composer Ivan Wyschnegradsky; as well as "Virgin Sophia of the Day", created using music of the Bohemain Baroque composer Jan Dismas Zelenka. Zelenka's music also features in two other paintings: "Song of the Fire", and "A Child is Born – Nativity", the last of which contains the idea of Sophia in a direct way once again, where she appears holding in her lap the newborn Child.