Virgin of the Butterflies

Looking back to the theme of 2013, many of the paintings in this collection are thematically related to the topic of the Virgin Mother, and include “Annunciation I and II”, created using music by Marcel Dupré and Einojuhani Rautavaara, respectively; “Assumption of the Virgin” created using music by Dietrich Buxtehude; “Virgin of the Butterflies” created using music by the Renaissance composer Adrian Willaert; and “Virgo Prudentissima”, created using music by the 12th century French monk Leonin. (Note: some of these paintings are yet to be digitally photographed, and will appear on this page when ready.)

Behold, this day has also bent down,
– half-day, midday within its zenith –
touching its grass-toes amid the flowers,
drawing a light-blue triangle upon the endless sky;
this is where the Eye of my God lives.
Still in its eternity, silent and tranquil,
this is also ... read more