This is the main navigation page for my visual gallery of oil paintings. The works are grouped in common themes, in reverse chronological order. The top-level groupings help to loosely unify collections of works based on different stylistic and/or thematic periods (e.g. “Music of the Spheres (2009 – 2011)”). The works themselves are collected together based on common themes, (often) from previous exhibitions, unifying works for a single year or across several years. In all cases, each work, even when part of a series, is highly unique and individual, and can be explored and appreciated both within and outside the context of my collections and groupings. Video previews with music appear on the top right of each of the dedicated painting collection sections. On the right of this section you can also view a general preview of my paintings (static images), which shows a randomly-ordered cross-section of my paintings across different years at full browser width.

RoyalSlider fullscreen preview of paintings by the artist Annael (Anelia Pavlova)
Preview of oil paintings (2001–2015), with full-width images

Short explanations

Each visual gallery for a given collection of paintings is prefaced by a brief explanation, which discusses relevant themes, sometimes in a more philosophical vein, or important aspects of the works. These should not be seen as some sort of direct descriptions of the works or their ideas, but rather, as statements that reveal something about my art in general, which is perhaps expressed particularly well by the chosen collection of works. Thus, these explanations provide additional insight into my art for those who are interested in enjoying and appreciating it more fully. When a visual gallery for a given painting collection loads, you can click on the "more" links to read the full texts.

Musicality and classical compositions

Following the short explanations, I also provide a brief overview of the music that was used to create some of the works in the particular collection. Music, of course, is essential to my paintings, and nearly all of them are imbued with particular classical compositions. More about this can be read on the Art and Classical Music page.

Experiencing the paintings in extra depth

Besides the musicality of my paintings, another very unique feature is their fractal-like structure. This aspect is not only very important in itself, but is an essential way to experience my works in greater depth – through structure and harmony. More about this can be read on the How to Experience and Interpret My Art page.

Alternative ways of browsing

The easiest way to view my paintings from here is by clicking on the top-level groupings on the left-hand menu of this page and then selecting the individual painting collections. An alternative way of viewing the paintings, however, especially useful for browsing across different collections in progressive, semi-chronological order, is to use the quick-links in the Browse... menu at the top of the page. They will show a somewhat differently formatted gallery (but with the same images as on this page), from which individual paintings can be bookmarked and also viewed in sequence. The paintings can also be searched according to the classical music used in their creation: just click on the Find... menu at the top.

A Different Experience of Time (2020 - present)

The idea of time has fascinated many composers and philosophers throughout the centuries. For Aristotle, time implies change from one moment to another, it is a "number of change in respect of the before and after"; though change can also exist outside of time. For St Augustine, time is measured according to memory, and hence only the present truly exists – past and future are dependent on the mind. For Bergson, time must be connected with space to be measurable in the ordinary sense; otherwise one is experiencing a subjective time, present in the soul only. For Messiaen, time is space, and "space is a complex of superimposed times"... The idea of time will no doubt continue to fascinate as the days speed on ever faster and faster; indeed, the idea is perennially fascinating, since both music and earthly life unfold through time, regulated by various rhythms, expressing melodies and forming harmonies along the way.

The paintings in this group are not all connected to time, but are all made in a time which requires a new, more spiritual comprehension of life, of time and of the world. It is thus that the first painting of this series is, appropriately, created to the music of Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time...

YouTube Video of painting The Muses of Time
Video Preview

Exploring New Visions (2012 - 2019)

Since the year 2012, it is as though I have moved into a new world, or, rather to a new way of expressing my ideas and working with music. New revelations of colours and tones appeared in my paintings, bringing new light and new visions about how the movements of the music should be evoked, in a way that builds on and confirms the achievements in my paintings from the previous years. As the Nature creates the plants to be different (but they all are her beautiful children), so my new paintings are "new" flowers, they bring different experiences and expressions, sometimes in a way more subtle, sometimes more vividly.

YouTube Video of paintings from Exploring New Visions
Video Preview

Music of the Spheres (2009 - 2011)

During 2009, 2010 and 2011 I was concentrated on creating a number of large-scale works which have since entered my Altar of the Resurrected Sun project. This period included the series The Angels of the Testament (2009), a collection of 7 works reflecting on the Angels from the Revelation, as well as the planetary spheres – a theme continued in the dyptichs "Octava Spera" (2011) and "White Angels" (2011).

YouTube Video of paintings from Music of the Spheres
Video Preview

Love, Wisdom and Virtue (2003-2008):

In my works between 2003 and 2008 I explored a variety of philosophical and musical themes and ideas including love, wisdom and the virtues. This period includes some of my most important series of works, including the Signs of the Zodiac (2006), a collection of 12 works reflecting on the virtues and the Zodiac; and the 4 works "Queen of Spades", "Forest Fairytale", "Seeds" and "Salome" (2003). A number of dyptichs made during this time include "Disputa" (2007), "Das Marienleben" (2007) and "Evening - Morning" (2007).

YouTube Video 1/2 of paintings from Love, Wisdom, Virtue
Video Preview 1/2
YouTube Video 2/2 of paintings from Love, Wisdom, Virtue
Video Preview 2/2

Spring Blossoms (2000 - 2002):

In my early works I took over the world inherited from my monoprints into the medium of paintings, combining it with my love of Nature. Music in the earliest works (2000) was of much lesser influence and importance, its central role increasingly rapidly throughout the period (2001 - 2002). Some of the many individual highlights from this time include "Gothic Song" (2002), "White Angel of the Kalalily" (2002-2005), "Soap Bubbles" (2002) and "Reger - Chamber music" (2001).

YouTube Video of paintings from Spring Blossoms
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