Copyright Information

Copyright for All Content on This Site

The full copyright on all images and text on this site are owned by Annael (Anelia Pavlova), with the exception of the wine labels (where the respective Wineries have either exclusive rights or a license for the image), the small computer-icons and the texts where the authors are explicitly mentioned.

Conditions for Use

The copyright holder, Annael (Anelia Pavlova), grants the right to download, copy, distribute and display verbatim artefacts from this site on the following terms:

  1. the creator/author of the artefact(s) – namely, Annael (Anelia Pavlova) – is clearly and visibly attributed, and, if appropriate, a link to this site ( or Annael's Facebook profile (the choice of site or profile being made according to the circumstance) is given;
  2. the artefact(s) are not used for commercial purposes (i.e. non-commercial use only);
  3. the artefact(s) are displayed as is and not as part of a musical video/clip, unless by explicit permission;
  4. the creation of derivative works is not allowed, and no artefact(s) may be modified, transformed (except for resizing images to a smaller size), adapted, or built-upon in any form or in any way, in part or as a whole.

For use of artefacts in videos or in any form other than as they appear on this site, please e-mail me for permission. In principle I try to be accommodating to such requests, however, if my images are to be used as background/illustrations of musical performances, I will cast a critical eye on the music, since my paintings in particular include music themselves, and sometimes the music suggested by the requestor is not appropriate for my artworks.

For commercial use, including (but not limited to) use in advertisements, brochures, books, magazines, CD covers etc., please either:

  • contact me directly via e-mail to obtain permission, or
  • contact my non-exclusive licensing partner Bridgeman Art Library Ltd. (trading as Bridgeman Images) through their web page. Bridgeman Images has my authority to license images that I have provided to the Library.

More Details...

What is Copyright?

Many people are not sure about the rights that artists have over their works or the images produced therefrom. Because of this fact, I have the following text to clarify the issue.

Copyright is the right to reproduce the work (in this case) of art, in whole or in part. The copyright protection is attached to the work automatically as soon as it is created in a tangible form (computer media is considered tangible along with the more intuitive paper, canvas etc.). The copyright notice is no longer required because the law (US) no longer requires a notice – for works created after March 1, 1989, absence of a notice does not mean the work is not copyrighted.

Copyright for Artworks

If a work of art leaves the artist's posession (for example, if it is sold), the copyright on the work remains with the artist unless a licence or sign over to the new owner is arranged explicitly in writing. Buying the physical work does not give the new owner copyright of the work (painting, print etc).

An artist also has moral rights – moral rights are part of copyright law (except in the US, where they are part of other bodies of law, but the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990 recognizes moral rights for works of visual art). The moral rights are non-economic rights; they are not transferable and stay with the artist even if the work leaves the artist's possession. Most countries recognise, as a minimum, the right to attribution and the right to integrity which bars the work from alteration, distortion, or mutilation.

An attempt has been made to provide good quality images on this site that do not have ugly copyright notices watermarked across them, in order to provide a maximum viewing pleasure. Nevertheless, the viewer should know that all the images and texts are under copyright, and should be used only as indicated in the Conditions for Use section above.

If you have any questions please e-mail contact e-mail me.