Music from the Stars

The stars have held fascination for many centuries. Looking at the stars, there is always something wonderful and mysterious. Astronomers of the past, like the Greek Ptolemy, saw something special in the spatial relationships of the stars as well, and related this to the future. Indeed, it takes a long time for the light of the stars to reach us, so that actually, when we see the distant stars we are always seeing how they were some time ago – we see them in the past. The stars themselves at any moment are different from what we see – they are, so to speak, in the future. Thus we look at the past, but behind this, in the present, there is the future which we cannot see! The interplay of past, present and future – this is an essential element of my art and also in this collection of paintings. Here I continue my musical themes from the previous collection of works ("Musica Nova", 2007) as well, and explore ... read more