About Purchasing

Digital art-prints of selected oil paintings and monoprints displayed on this site are available for ordering via the following online stores (among others):

If the image you are interested in cannot be found on any of these sites, please send me an e-mail and I will organize the printing and shipment (domestic or international) through one of the professional printers I have worked with in Adelaide.

Digital art-prints offer a way for everyone to enjoy something of my works without buying an original painting or monoprint. Of course, because they are reproductions of the real work, they are not completely identical to it and cannot replace it, nor can they achieve exactly the same qualities of the work itself – as such, whoever possesses an original of one of my artworks is doubly privileged, because, on one hand, they possess something completely unique and irreplacable, and on the other, because the worth of the painting increases tremendously as reproductions of it are made available. Nevertheless, I have tried in every way possible to offer the opportunity for everyone who cannot afford an original work to possess something that can give them very similar enjoyment.

The quality of the digital scans/photos I provide to the printers is superb and provides for the best result that can be achieved on paper.