Musica Nova

Around 1322 the French composer, poet and mathematician Philippe de Vitry published his treatise Ars Nova (A New Art), in which he outlined the way for a new musical style that not only defined the music of his time, but also opened the way for a new music, a "musica nova", that would last and develop until this very day. The treatise by Philippe de Vitry contained many innovations, not least of which was a whole new rhythmic system based on solving certain mathematical, algebraic equations, and, what Philippe de Vitry called "harmonic numbers". Music, of course, is built on the harmony of numbers, and indeed this is how the Greek philosopher Pythagoras of the 6th century B.C. discovered it. For Pythagoras this harmony of numbers and their interrelationships was found in "the Music of the Spheres" – a Universal Music.

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